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Note: “Premium Quality” shells are sorted to remove broken and damaged shells.   

“lady bug” Sailors Valentine Kit

Designed to fit a 10” box.  

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The kit includes the following:
(1) custom box with removable picture glass and back panel, mortise and tenon joints, brass tone hardware
(Rose used a cherry box)  
(2) acid free mat board Octagon (Rose Suggests “White”) with design layout;
(3) detailed instructions with lots of “how to” photos;
(4) a list of shells with quantities required for the design
Note: shells used in this design are sold separately so you can buy only what you need
(scroll to the bottom of this page to buy shells)

make your kit selections below;  add inlay and art glass if desired:

10 inch
”Lady Bug” SV Kit  
(shells sold separately - see below)
type of wood for custom box
octagon mat board color
Inlays and Art Glass
Premium Quality

Shells for 10 inch “Lady Bug” SV Kit

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10" Springtime Shell Kit -
all quantities needed for
the 10" design w/floral center.
10 inch Lady Bug SV