Comments from satisfied customers

I just this second opened my box and it is absolutely breathtaking! Your workmanship is gorgeous. Thank you. (July 2024)

Looks beautiful. Thank you. (June 2024)

Oh my gosh, the box arrived today and it is gorgeous! My husband loves it too and is in awe of your talent, Jim! I may have to order another one of these from your inventory! Thank you! (June 2024)

Awesome, thanks! Take care, Jim! Don't overdo it. Tell Rosie she is so appreciated also! (June 2024)

My valentine box is simply AMAZING! I’m so excited to design my valentine this summer with such a beautifully handcrafted box. I feel so special. (June 2024)

Thank you Jim and Rose. They look great! (June 2024)

We love our boxes.  Have already started on them.  Thanks again!!!!! (June 2024)

Absolutely stunning, Jim! Thank you! June 2024)

Thanks so much! Your beautiful tiger maple box arrived. (April 2024)

Received my order today (Sailors Valentine Box) and wanted to comment and thank you for packaging it with the upmost care. It arrived in perfect condition.  Thank you! (April 2024)

Thank you, you too! You both are so awesome to work with! (April 2024)

You have created a monster!! I love your kits. They bring such joy to me! Thank you! (April 2024)

I received the SV box and shells today, the frame is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thank you so very much!  I can't wait to get started on it! (March 2024)

I received my package and it looks great! I didn't go through all of the shells but the box is perfect so Iam sure they are too. (February 2024)

Big shout out and kudos to Rose for a great kit ("Heartfelt") and appreciation of the detailed work that she is doing. My style has never been that detailed and it was a blast to do one that was! The all white is beautiful! Everyone who has seen it has been taken aback! (January 2024)

Thank you for my Valentines, Jim. I am very pleased . . . they are beautiful boxes . . . hope you don't intend to retire anytime soon . . . what would we shell addicts do? (November 2023)

Your shipment arrived today. Everything was in perfect condition! Thank you! I can't wait to get started!
(November 2023)

Getting packages of shells from you is always a treat: the shells are good ones and there are no junk ones in the carefully wrapped packages. (September 2023)

I got my shell order the other day.  They are beautiful. Thank you! (September 2023)

Just wanted to let you know that the boxes arrived safely last night. No problem whatsoever. Nice packing job too. I have to say, the boxes are fantastic. I've never come across any as well constructed as these! (September 2023)

Jim, I just received my box, very nice, I am very pleased with it! (August 2023)

Thank you for your support and your wonderful kits. They are a delight to work on! (August 2023)

I ordered your beautiful kit Rose! I love it! (August 2023)

LilyJane's memory box is fabulous!  Perfection in wood! You have done a wonderful job - functional artistry. Words alone cannot say how much I appreciate your making it. (August 2023)

Rose, thank you so much for the beautiful shells! They are perfect. You have such a gift for choosing the perfect shells even when I don't know what I'm doing! You do such a wonderful job! (July 2023)

They all came today (SV boxes and shells) and they're just perfect! Thanks so much! (July 2023)

Soooooo many pretties! Your package arrived a few minutes ago in excellent condition, as always, thanks to your careful packaging. . . The little bee is wonderful and is the perfect touch to the kit design. And the box with its spalting patterns is perfect. I can't wait to work on it! (July 2023)

I have been hard at work relieving post Hurricane Ian stress by creating your fabulous kits. . . You truly have been a blessing to me through this ordeal! (July 2023)

As always - you never disappoint and I am thrilled with all the seashells you have sent me! Thank you so much for your continued efforts and support in helping me to secure just the shells that I need, so that I can use them all instead of only a proportion. (June 2023)

Fit perfectly . . . I can't thank you enough for all of your input and remarkable craftsmanship! (June 2023)

Just received my most recent order of shells today and once more perfectly packed and arrived in excellent condition. Thank you for the care you both take. Now I look forward to working on a new project. (May 2023)

My new Sailors Valentine . . . Thank you. It arrived yesterday afternoon in beautiful shape. Everything was intact and packed so well. So exciting to open and look over what I will be working on. Lovely design and shells. These kits are masterpieces! The box itself is made beautifully. I am so appreciative. (May 2023)

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute piecing it together (Zanzibar SV Kit). Your box was so carefully made and the design was absolutely beautiful . . . I am completely hooked! The instructions were everything and more for a beginner like me. Thank you for wonderful products. (May 2023)

Thank you Jim and Rose for all your help. (May 2023)

Received the shells and they are so, so lovely. I appreciate you. (April 2023)

Putting these kits together has taught me so much about different kinds of shells and techniques. Your business fills a unique niche and I'm so grateful it exists. What you and Rose offer goes far beyond selling boxes and seashells - you teach and encourage as well. I strongly believe in supporting independant, specialized businesses. (April 2023)

I have been wanting to do Sailors Valentines since 2009 when I moved to the beach and discovered a magazine article about them. So I'm living my dream! I have ya'll to thank for helping to make that dream come true. You will never know how much I appreciate you both! God bless you and I'll be in touch! (April 2023)

No hurry on the boxes (pendants) because I'm having fun with the beautiful ones I have. (March 2023)

It's gorgeous! I love it (box and display stand). Thanks so much. (March 2023)

The beautiful boxes (ebony) just arrived in perfect condition. I cannot thank you enough . . . (March 2023)

Just wanted to say thank you . . . I have placed another order, as I was so pleased with the last one. (March 2023)

I love your boxes. They are the very best I have used. (March 2023)

I received my boxes. Everything looks great. Thank you! (March 2023)

The two boxes arrived today and are beautiful. The Art Glass is amazing. Many thanks! (February 2023)

I got cold chills because it is so beautiful! It is a masterpiece! I love that the box comes off the legs (SV table). And the embellishment is perfect. Thank you for signing it. It will be a treasured heirloom . . . (February 2023)

Rose, you little sweetie! Thank you for the shells. I loved them. Jim, the boxes are beautiful . . .like Christmas. Thank you, thank you. You both are the best. (February 2023)

They're here! They're great! I love them! They're perfect! Thank you so much. (February 2023)

I received the frame. It's a work of art. I am honored to display my art in this box. (January 2023)

You are both too kind. I am just really good at following excellent instructions. Your kits are a true blessing to me right now. They allow me to get lost in a craft that I love without all the tedious hours of sorting for size, color and orientation!!!!! . . . . and you can quote me on this! The work you put in to create and make these kits so user friendly is certainly not lost on me. They are well worth every penny. (January 2023)

Stands were received on Saturday. They are beautiful, I am very happy. Thank you. (January 2023)

Your shipment arrived in excellent condition . . . Everything is unpacked and drooled over . . . I truly appreciate Rose's skill at writing clear instructions and providing numerous photos. Thank you for the lovely designs, SV Boxes and instructions. (January 2023)

Box arrived today! Absolutely beautifully made! Jim you are an artist! (December 2022)

The boxes arrived and they are more beautiful than I could have imagined. I love the ebony with the grey. Wonderful suggestion!! (October 2022)

I want to let you know my order arrived safe and sound Friday. Opening it was like Christmas -- so carefully labelled and packaged, and beautiful. The SV frame/box is exquisite: perfection in wood! I hope I can create a valentine that is worthy of it. Speaking of which, Rose, your instructions are excellent and I look forward to putting the valentine together. The photographs and verbiage are easy for a novice like me to understand and carry out.
In summary, thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to doing business in the future. YOU BOTH ARE TOP NOTCH! (October 2022)

I love them (SV boxes) !!!!! (September 2022)

It's beautiful, I love it!! Looking forward to seeing it in person!!!!! (August 2022)

I'm working on the Nouvelle Amour kit and loving it. (August 2022)

I love your seashells! You are one of my favorite sources. (August 2022)

The mahogany box is beautiful. (July 2022)

12" Octagon Zanzibar Kit:
Received. It looks great! Thanks so much. (July 2022)

Just unpacked my order. The Chitons are amazing . Thank you so much . I’ll have to choose wisely where I use them. Also the snakeskin nerites are the best I’ve ever seen. (July 2022)

. . . The box is lovely. Thank you. (July 2022)

I got my boxes on Wednesday. They look great. Thank you. I love your cutting boards. They look wonderful! Someone is going to be very happy! All of your work is so nicely done! (June 2022)

Jim, the box is beautiful! (June 2022)

I safely received your shells and I know it was a much smaller order, but still I was pleased with all the seashells you sent me. (June 2022)

Again, thanks a million for getting back with me and also for creating such beautiful kits. I absolutely know how much work goes into conceptualizing them and then putting them together. (May 2022)

Your beautiful work brings us joy every day. Thank you for your tremendous effort on the tables. We LOVE them. (April 2022)

It was so nice to talk to you and Jim yesterday. I am forever grateful for your help. (March 2022)

I picked up the SV tonight . . . It's absolutely breathtaking and brought tears to my eyes . . . I really appreciate all the care you both put into this labor of love. (March 2022)

Love your products.  You were always prompt. Thank you so much! (March 2022)

The "Amour" is AMAZING! (March 2022)

We are thrilled.  Incredible. The boys are absolutely bananas for all the special touches. These are one of a kind family heirlooms. THANK YOU!!! (February 2022)

I am very happy and thrilled with the box and the shells! I really love them and appreciate everything so very much, and have already started work on the box! (February 2022)

You guys are the best (and patient!). Many thanks. (February 2022)

I love your new ornament boxes . . . I'm so thankful I found your site. You have been so helpful and dependable. (January 2022)

I am so fortunate to have you as a resource. Thank you so much for everything you do for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. (January 2022)

. . . I cannot believe how GORGEOUS these tables are. THANK YOU! We are thrilled. . . The personal touches are extraordinary. (January 2022)

Received the box (Honduras Mahogany) yesterday! Beautiful work as usual!! (October 2021)

Thanks, Jim. (16" Ebony SV Box with Mother of Pearl Inlay) Looks beautiful always! (October 2021)

Hi Jim! Wonderful! It's soooo beautiful (14" Tiger Maple SV Box with removable lid). (October 2021)

Boxes are fabulous as always. (October 2021)

Harry and Charlie just received the box from you - they are thrilled! (Octboer 2021)

Boxes are gorgeous . . . Thanks for your beautiful work!! (October 2021)

You've been AWESOME and thank you (and Rose) for everything! (August 2021)

Thank you for always supplying such wonderful shells! I consider you the Neiman Marcus of my seashell supply as I always know I will get the best and highest quality shells available! I appreciate you more than I can say! (July 2021)

We have received the order and everything is beautiful as always! (July 2021)

I cannot thank you enough for your meticulous craftsmanship; your boxes are, simply, exquisite. (July 2021)

I got my frames.  I love them both. Thank you for the fast shipping. (July 2021)

I am truly happy with ALL the boxes as always, you have done a fantastic job. Best to you and Rose. (June 2021)

As always, I am thrilled with my order from you! . . . I really do appreciate the time and care you take with all my orders, Rose. (June 2021)

Rose, I have to say that I've enjoyed working on this one SO much. I think that the fact that each part of it doesn't take really long or is tedious - I've enjoyed each part and have loved watching the 3D effect come to life. Great design!! . . . Thanks for your creativity! (May 2021)

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! (April 2021)

It's so beautiful. Thanks for building such a masterpiece (Masonic Presentation Case). (April 2021)

Hi Rose and Jim. I just received my order and the "leaves" are the perfect size! Thank you so much for the extra care you took to meet my need . . . I'm so thankful I found your site. (April 2021)

Rose . . . I have been very happy with every item I have purchased from you . . . Thank you so much! (April 2021)

WOW! Ya'll are so talented. So so so cool. I cannot wait. Thank you for pouring your love into the crafts-personship of this incredible box. (March 2021)

Jim, my 2 valentines were just delivered and they are beautiful! I can only hope that I can do them justice! They will certainly elevate the outcome of whatever I do! Couldn't be more pleased! Thank you for your beautiful workmanship! (March 2021)

You really make a beautiful Sailors Valentine Box! It is absolutely gorgeous! You are quite a craft master :-) I really like the wood also - the graining and shade are really appealing. Thank you for making it a little deeper also. It's just perfect - and I'm really pleased. Thanks again! (March 2021)

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT . . . Just opened the well-wrapped Valentine box and I am thrilled. I love the color. Thanks for suggesting the gel stain. I could not be more pleased! Many thanks. (March 2021)

Good morning! I received my SV box yesterday. Thank you so much! I love it! (March 2021)

My beautiful box . . . It just arrived today.  Everything is perfect. Thank you, Jim! (March 2021)

How beautiful! I'm very excited to have one of your boxes! (March 2021)

I have had a box fall and come apart so am excited about the mortise and tenon joints! (March 2021)

Yesterday, my friend ... and I were discussing what great quality shells you sell. I'm sure I will putting another order in before too long. (March 2021)

Can't wait to get my frame from you . . . (March 2021)

The Boxes have arrived! I opened the clock box and one of the  6" boxes and they are awesome. Thank you for your craftsmanship and your attention to detail. The packing was a work of art also. The box arrived a bit smooched but the contents were in perfect condition.  A Fan! (March 2021)

. . . package arrived today, everything in good order and precisely as I'd hoped. Many thanks and best to you both. (February 2021)

I just received the shells I ordered and I am so pleased. I will definitely visit your site again. Thank you!
(February 2021)

You're the best! (February 2021)

Thank you . . . you have been so helpful . .. (February 2021)

You're the best! (January 2021)

I got your frame and shells. Love it . . . perfect! Thank you! (January 2021)

Received the box this morning!  Thank you, Jim!! Very nice . . . love it!!! (December 2020)

Your kit is beautifully curated!!! I started last night and I am enjoying it thoroughly. (November 2020)
Click here to see the "Autumn Love" kit.

My beautiful 10" box . . . arrived today, safe and sound. It's just perfect - exactly what I was hoping for in the finish. Thank you. (November 2020)

Hello Jim - box arrived! Looks beautiful, and the mat board fits in perfectly! (November 2020)

I got my box. Perfect as always! Great job, Jim. Thank you. (October 2020)

I received my boxes this morning. Just got them all unpacked and put away. Thank you they all look great. (September 2020)

. . . they're beautiful! What wonderful keepsakes! . . . You are a true artisan --- thank you. (September 2020)

. . . it was special when I found you both! (September 2020)

. . . Wonderful work . . . (August 2020)

Thank you both so much. Finding you was a gift! (August 2020)

Hi Jim just to let you know that the boxes arrived safely and I LOVE them! Thanks A Million. (August 2020)

The frame looks beautiful! I am really excited. Thank you so much! (August 2020)

Received box and mat in the mail today, it is beautiful thank you so much. (August 2020)

Boxes arrived safely. Beautiful! Thanks. (August 2020)

You are one of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. (August 2020)

Thank you, you're the best, xx. (August 2020)

I'm so happy with this box, it is simply stunning and breathtaking, and it will make a truly amazing sailors' valentine. I don't like it, I LOVE it! (August 2020)

I received the double box today. Thank you. It is gorgeous! I cannot wait to get started on it. (August 2020)

I have given your name to a dear friend of mine . . . you definitely have the best most beautiful boxes out there. Wish I had known of you when I started. (August 2020)

Thank you so much Rose! I appreciate you specializing my order! (July 2020)

The table and the blood wood box arrived today, safe and sound and BEAUTIFUL, thank you. Awaiting the others, XX. (July 2020)

As always . . . beautiful (20" Honduras Mahogany SV Box)! Thank you . . . (June 2020)

OMG! I am so excited. It (17" bluegreen maple SV box) is gorgeous! . . . Thanks so very, very much. Looking forward to doing a lot more business with you and Rose. It has been a terrific experience and has made my life happier in these difficult times. (June 2020)

I picked up my two packages of shells today at the post office. . . I want to thank Rose . . . I'm so glad that (xxxx xxxx) referred me to you . . . you have both been wonderful! (June 2020)

Arrived safely (24"x 10" x 35" hall table), unpacked and totally in love with this little beauty!!! The detail of the carvings, in particular the mermaids, is far beyond what I anticipated. The proportions are perfect and I'm very pleased with the stained finish (and so glad you didn't paint it). I am simply thrilled! And the fact the artist signed it for me makes it all that much better. And you truly are an artist. I hope I can do it justice. Thank you so very, very much!!!! All my best until the next project. (June 2020)

I love the box . . . Can't wait for my table. (June 2020)

You do such beautiful work! (June 2020)

Boxes and shells arrived safely. They are gorgeous! Many thanks! (June 2020)

I finally finished my valentine . . . the box you made is outstanding! Thank you . . . (June 2020)

The box just arrived ~ it is beautiful! And very inspiring! Many thanks! (June 2020)

My order arrived today and in great shape as always. Thank you. Be safe. (May 2020)

Hi, it (30" x 20" SV table) is all unpacked and lovely. . . I can't wait to work with it. Thank you both. (May 2020)

Got it (22" x 14" SV table)!! Beautiful!!! (May 2020)

I received the frame today. It is perfect! I will send pics soon. (May 2020)

Package rec'd. Everything (boxes and shells) perfect. Thanks. (May 2020)

I got my boxes today. They all look great. I like the dark tiger maple. Thank you. (May 2020)

Hooray! Your package arrived this morning! I feel like it's Christmas! Your box is beautiful and the shells are great . . . Couldn't ask for more! Thank you Rose and Jim! It's so wonderful to have a project to work on. (May 2020)

Thanks. Ya'll are awesome as always. (May 2020)

The gorgeous boxes and shells arrived safely. So happy to get them. Many thanks! (May 2020)

. . . I received the frame today. It is just beautiful. I can't wait to start my new piece. (April 2020)

. . . . everything arrived today in perfect order - many thanks. (April 2020)

I love the green box. The color is soft and perfect. Thank you. (April 2020)

My lovely double valentine box . . . It arrived safely yesterday. Thank you, Jim! (April 2020)

It's beautiful (black box with Holly accents), can't wait to start it, xx (April 2020)

Look's great (mahogany box with tiger maple accents)! I'm excited! (April 2020)

It is stunning (ebony box with holly accents)!!! I couldn't be more pleased . . . Satisfied is an understatement. (April 2020)

Just received the box. Thank you, I love it!!! (April 2020)

Awesome, thanks! . . . ya'll are the best! Stay safe. (March 2020)

I don't know who sorts your shells but what a fantastic job they do. I have shopped all over the internet and never been so pleased . . . you guys are FANTASTIC . . . thanks so very much. (March 2020)

You're so kind . . . thank you . . . I love everything about you from the shells to the price to the shipping to your wonderful boxes . . . I have found a gold mine and I am sooo happy . . . thanks again. (February 2020)

Thank you so very much! My order was perfect . . . i have found the perfect place to shop for craft shells . . . you are wonderful . . . (February 2020)

Your display stand arrived yesterday. We are very pleased with the quality of your work. (February 2020)

As usual, the box is beautiful. (February 2020)

The box looks beautiful! (February 2020)

I love my SV box! (January 2020)

I didn't take a look at your shells until I was back home and I am over the moon with all of them! As always Rose - you never disappoint!  I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts in putting together another perfect seashell order. You are the only and best supplier I deal with who goes to so much trouble to give me exactly what I want! (January 2020)

I received the stand for the Valentine, and it really is beautiful. (December 2019)

Thanks so much, Jim. Can't wait to see the stand. . . You're case is beautiful. (November 2019)

Thanks so much for rushing the delivery. (The boxes) arrived exactly on time. (November 2019)

Yet again, you have surpassed all my expectations - thank you so much for your patience in getting my order just perfect! (November 2019)

You are SO WONDERFUL . . . I feel so fortunate that you remembered. (October 2019)

They are BOTH lovely, but I prefer the Honduras box . . . love that dark streak! Thanks for asking. You guys rock. (September 2019)

Hi, the boxes are here and they are perfect!!! Thank you! (August 2019)

Hi! The boxes look great. Thank you. (August 2019)

. . . I need more shells. The last order arrived very quickly and in great shape. Thanks. (August 2019)

So we opened the ebony boxes and they are beautiful!!!!!!!! Nice job . . . Well done . . . P.S. Did I tell you the boxes are great. (August 2019)

I love my new SV boxes. (August 2019)

Four inch (Tiger Maple SV Box) arrived safely. Its perfect. Thank you. (August 2019)

Frames are beautiful. Great job. Thank you for your hard work. (August 2019)

Box came this morning. It is beautiful as always. Rose does such a great job of packing. (August 2019)

The two new boxes are just beautiful. You do such wonderful work. (July 2019)

The box is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to get started working on it!  . . . . . Can't wait to work with you again! (July 2019)

They are both so beautiful, Jim. Thank you so much. I can't wait to get my hands on them. (July 2019)

These look awesome from the picture!  Thank you so much for your willingness to be so creative and invent new things with your clients!!   I’m so excited! (July 2019)


The boxes are just wonderful, a work of art. (June 2019)

Thank you. You are the best. (June 2019)

This is awesome!! Thanks, Jim. (June 2019)

Really amazing. You are an artist. (June 2019)

Looks great!! Thanks so much!! (June 2019)

Oh, thank you so much! These boxes are gorgeous!! Thank you!! (June 2019)

It looks great! Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to making a nice valentine with your box. (May 2019)

Received the beautiful box. Thank you so much. (April 2019)

Thanks Jim. Box made it. It is very nice. Thank you for the speedy service. Congratulations, it is well made and a fine piece of craftsmanship. 2 qualities that are rare in the world today. Keep up the good work. (April 2019)

Just received it!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT. IT LOOK AMAZING!! Thank you so Much!!!! (April 2019)

Looks great. Thanks for the speedy service. (March 2019)

Love the tiny green operculums! (March 2019)

The quality shells are purchased from you. (March 2019)

Just received the gorgeous boxes and shells. Everything is perfect! Thank you so much! (March 2019)

I love the weathered table and also like the double latch hooks. . . I would like to go forward with another table. . .(March 2019)

Just received the 6 inch walnut case and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! . . . And the shells are wonderful . . . you folks are the BEST!!! (March 2019)

They look so . . . cool! That was fast! Cannot wait to get my paws on them. Thanks for being the craftsman you are. (February 2019)

Thanks so much Jim and Rose! I love your work and shells! (February 2019)

I got the boxes they are awesome!! . . . You do such a nice job making these !!!! (February 2019)

. . . the boxes, they are all beautifully made, I LOVE the pink one, the color is perfect. (February 2019)

Received my shells. Thanks for always getting them out so quickly for me. I am never disappointed in the quality! (February 2019)

I was so impressed with the quality of the shells . . . (January 2019)

Thank you so much. I love your work and your boxes! (January 2019)

Jim . . . I've got the box yesterday! Thanks so much, I love it! (January, 2019)

Jim, it looks beautiful! I'm very excited to see it in person. . . thank you so very much. (January 2019)

The three boxes arrived today. They are perfect. Thank you so much. You make beautiful sailors valentine boxes. (December 2018)

Thank you so very much Jim, it is truly lovely. (November 2018)

. . . I fell in love with those chards Rose sent me . . . Love the handsome box! (November 2018)

I don't usually do this, but I wanted you to know that you have a terrific website and it's a pleasure to search for shells for my Valentines on it. Your prices are fair and your quantities are reasonable . . . Thanks! (November 2018)

You two are AGAIN the most helpful and encouraging. (October 2018)

Your beautiful box arrived today in perfect condition! You do such a wonderful job on making them and packaging them. Please thank Rose also for the cut tusk shells. That will make my job go so much faster. (October 2018)

Just unpacked the table - gorgeous!!! Thanks so much Jim!! Can't wait to fill it with treasures! (October 2018)

I've got the box today! Thank you so much! This is very beautiful!! I like this box very much :-) (October 2018)

Thank you for the lovely box, it arrived safely and I'm very happy with it. (September 2018)

Love the 14" box - Beautiful! All shells in great order and think the Simnia is PERFECT . . . You're the best!
(September 2018)

I got the second box. It's very very beautiful. Thank you for your hard work. (August 2018)

. . . the boxes were delivered yesterday. . . They all look great. (August 2018)

The table is safely here, and it is gorgeous! Thank you, Jim. I will try to do it justice. (August 2018)

You two are great! . . . Look forward to more shells and boxes. (August 2018)

Received my goodies today! Everything was top quality as usual. Thank you both!! (August 2018)

I love buying from you. Your shells are great and you and Jim are fun to talk to. (July 2018)

Boxes and shells have all arrived and are beautiful. Many thanks! (July 2018)

The boxes have arrived and are perfect!!!  Thank you!!! (July 2018)

Received the package safe and sound. I love it!! Thank you. (July 2018)

The box I bought for my birthday is simply sublime. Jim's expert craftsmanship shines through in every aspect and is a truly gorgeous work that I will certainly treasure forever. I can't stop looking at it and admiring it, and everyone thinks it's beautiful. Thank you so much for this, Jim. I LOVE it! (July 2018)

I picked up the package early this morning and the box is really beautiful. I love the holly wood inlays. You're right. It does look like ivory. (July 2018)

My box is gorgeous! (July 2018)

Thank you for your beautiful shells! (July 2018)

The ebony box arrived today and it's beautiful! Thank you so much! (July 2018)

Thank you for everything, Jim!  You and Rose have been so lovely to work with! (July 2018)

Looks fabulous! . . . Thank you so much for the expedited order! (July 2018)

Thank you so much - I love everything you sent and SO FAST! You're both the best! (June 2018)

I picked up my box this morning. It is lovely! Perfect! Thanks for a great job. (June 2018)

Received my beautiful box today - thank you! (June 2018)

Just confirming the receipt of the Springtime Kit. The box is absolutely beautiful. Great workmanship. Can't wait to start the kit . . . (June 2018)

The lovely tiger maple box arrived today.  It's gorgeous!  I love that wood!  . . . Rose, the perfect pink tellins are awesome. (June 2018)

I have everything - IN LOVE - cannot wait to get started. (June 2018)

The valentine (box) has arrived, and it is beautiful. I am very happy with it. (May 2018)

It looks wonderful! I will look forward to receiving it. Many thanks! (May 2018)

The package came and I love it all. Thank you so much. (May 2018)

It is Judy's paintings that inspire me . . . They are so lovely. (May 2018)

I'm so fortunate to have found both you and Rose - you made this process much easier than it would have been otherwise. (May 2018

Everything arrived safely and looks great. The three inch box is cute! (May 2018)

I love EVERYTHING - thank you so much for the beautiful box, stand and shells - all packaged so carefully.  I can't wait to get started. You will hear from me as soon as I have something to show you or need anything additional. Beautiful work! (May 2018)

Thanks so much for the beautiful box and for getting it to me so quickly! (May 2018)

I just love your shells. (April 2018)

I love the paintings. (April 2018)

Thank you rose. I love doing business with you. (April 2018) 

Glad you are busy.  You do such great work . . . We are a go on the two boxes.  Thank you. (April 2018)

Love everything! & it has really inspired me . . . Let me know if Judy does any new paintings! (April 2018)

I just received the valentine box. It is beautiful! Thanks so much. I can’t wait to get started on the new project.
(April 2018)

Rose, Thank you for picking (limpets) the perfect color and size! (March 2018)

Table securely shipped and happily unpacked! Table looks great!  It is beautiful and sturdy. . . (March 2018)

I have received the two boxes . . . They are beautiful and hope that I will be able to do all of these projects justice. We do appreciate your help and lovely boxes, shells, etc.  (March 2018)

I just received the new 14 inch box.  It is just so beautiful.  The figuring is terrific.  I cannot wait to work the Roseate Spoonbill picture in it.   It will be my favorite, yet. Thank you so very much. (March 2018)

The table arrived today in perfect condition.  It looks great.  And when I finally get the Sailor’s Valentine complete I will send you a picture!!!! Thanks so very, very much. (March 2018)

I just received my new tiger maple box.  It is beautiful.  Thank you so much.  (February 2018)

The package arrived safely. I just love the sailor’s valentine box, it turned out beautiful!!! I also love the different shells I got this time, & of course Judy’s little painting is wonderful. (February 2018)

Thanks so much! My order arrived today (shells). Since we have a lot of snow on the ground and opening the box was like a visit to the seashore! (February 2018)

Hi, I just received my Peruvian Walnut Sailor's Valentine Box. It is very beautiful. The color is perfect and the workmanship is awesome. I wanted to let you know I appreciate all your assistance and your product.
(February 2018)

Thanks so much! My order arrived today. . . . opening the box was like a visit to the seashore! (February 2018)

Wow. These (boxes) turned out great.  Thanks. (February 2018)

I received the box yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful. (January 2018)

I always know what I am getting when I order from you, Rose, and I am never disappointed. . . a very Big Thank You!  Ordering seashells is usually such a stress.. but with you Rose, it is a pleasure! (January 2018)

I received my boxes yesterday. They look beautiful! Thank you! (January 2018)

Thanks for a beautiful job and such great service.   Happy holidays to you and Rose. (November 2017)

Thank you so much for the beautiful dream catchers. (November 2017)

The boxes are beautiful. The 3 inch will be the smallest Valentine I have done so far and the 16 inch will be the largest Valentine I have done. The 3 inch box is so sweet. (November 2017)

Wow, the limpits are perfect. You did such a great job of picking out just the perfect ones for me and I wanted to say thank you so much, and I appreciate it. (November 2017)

The Sailors Valentine box just arrived and it’s beautiful! Thank you so much! (November 2017)

I am so happy you are well and almost back to normal.  I look forward to receiving my new box.  I will send yo a picture of the completed box.  Thank you so much for making it for me. (November 2017)

Love getting my shells from you, they are always high quality beautiful shells! Thanks again so much! (October 2017)

All of my Sanibel Sailors Valentines entries have been done in boxes made by Jim :) (October 2017)

The beautiful box came and I love it. thank you. (September 2017)

Thank you for your beautiful work. (August 2017)

...the stands are perfect. I particularly like the tiger maple. Thank you. (August 2017)

Frames are perfect! (August 2017)

. . .the boxes . . . are truly beautiful, thank you so much for making them for me . . . (August 2017)

I received the two boxes today and oh my goodness, they are so beautiful! The quality and color and size, everything is outstanding. (July 2017)

I want you to know that my husband just picked up my new box from the post office! As usual, it arrived in perfect condition and it's beautiful! You do such a fabulous job. Thank you so much for rushing this up for me! And Judy Dinnick's painting is wonderful...what a treasure! As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you. (July 2017)

The Box looks very nice . Thank you for all the extra efforts on this one. (July 2017)

Thank you so much. They are beautiful boxes. (July 2017)

I just received the case and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for your hard work. (July 2017)

The package has arrived and everything looks perfect! Thank you so much. (June 2017)

Package received and delighted.  It will be interesting doing the urchin segments.  The lapis lazurite and sodalite are beautiful.  Many thanks and best to you both. (June 2017)

We received the new valentine box. It is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks so much . . . (June 2017)

Rose, you gave me for this S.V. a premium quality of shells. We can see the difference . . . Thank you again for the high quality of shells. (June 2017)

Beautiful Box! . . . . The tiger maple box and shells arrived today. Love the box! (June 2017)

Hi Jim and Rose, All have arrived and are beautiful! Thanks so much. (June 2017)

Hi Jim- just arrived- Looks great- thx! (June 2017)

We just wanted to let you know that we received the beautiful frame that you made . . . Thanks so much we really do appreciate your fantastic work. (May 2017)

Just wanted you to know that the box just arrived and it is beautiful! I found the shells as per your instructions. They are great. Thank you so much for getting these things to me so promptly! (May 2017)

My beautiful cherry box arrived yesterday. Can't wait to fill it up with shells. (April 2017)

My order arrived today, and the case is really beautiful. (March 2017)

The package arrived safely. The boxes are beautiful and the packing of those shells is impressive. (March 2017)

As always – you never disappoint!  All the shells are fantastic! . . . I looked back over the years and thought how important discovering your website has been to me and my work.  I know that I wouldn’t have been able to produce my artworks without you. (March 2017)

Thanks so much. You do nice work. (March 2017)

We all love the boxes !!  Thanks again. (March 2017)

Love your shells and love your website! (February 2017)

Just opened . . . . Looks great! (February 2017)

Thanks Jim. They all look wonderful . . . (February 2017)

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you!!! Thank you for making this class possible. I appreciate all hard work you both did for me! (February 2017)

Jim . . . I have to say I just love your craftsmanship. (January 2017)

Boxes came yesterday. They are beautiful as I knew they would be. Thank you again so much.  Your work is very special to me and to our family. (December 2016)

Everyone loves my new box. Thanks again. (December 2016)

Everything arrived safely and looks great. Thank you . . . (December 2016)

Base and pegs arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again for everything. (December 2016)

Very happy with shells. . . I would like to order more . . . (December 2016)

The package arrived and everything is wonderful. Jim, the box is beautiful, as always. Rose, I love the small urchins. Now I have to wait for an inspiration. Christmas has come early! (December 2016)

When I just checked out your website I was indelibly reminded what nice people you are! (November 2016)

My sailors valentine kit arrived and I love it! The box is beautiful and the instructions are very easy to follow. Many thanks. (November 2016)

Simply beautiful, as I knew they would be . . . Thanks to you and Rose. Give her a hug for me. (November 2016)

Just received my cases! Thank you, they are beautiful as usual always do such marvelous woodwork!!! Like what you did with the inlay. (October 2016)

Box arrived!! Looks beautiful! Thank you so much/ I'll send a pic of the finished product. (October 2016)

. . . my boxes were delivered yesterday. They all look great. I love that tiger maple! (October 2016)

The box arrived yesterday and it is beautiful!! It arrived in perfect condition and I'm counting on it to elevate my Valentine. Thank you so much! (September 2016)

Rose and Jim . . . Keep up your wonderful work.   (September 2016)

Thank you so much.   I was so excited when I opened the package.  I love it all.  (September 2016)

. . . here is the Valentine . . .it was a joy to do.  Thank you both so much!   (August 2016)

Wish you lived around the corner.  Thanks for all of your time and attention.  (August 2016)

My box came today. It will be perfect for my 12 inch Sanibel entry. Thank you. (August 2016)

The box is lovely and perfectly crafted! . . .the 1/2 inch depth is proportionate to the size of the box.  I plan to use very small shells as I suspect others would when using this size box so I think it’s a perfect depth.  And there’s still room for a flower with a higher rise in the center.   (Note:  The box was a 4" front loading box.  Original request for working depth was 1".  After further discussion, the inside working depth was reduced to 1/2" to make the depth more proportional to the width.  -Jim)  (August 2016)

. . .your boxes are perfect . . . (July 2016)

NOTE:  We were impacted the month of June and early July by the worst local flooding since 1957.  Our home was "high and dry"; but, Jim was unable to do any woodworking due to floodwater in his shop buildings.  It was a temporary disruption.  We are 100% back in business!  We appreciate the loyal patience of all our customers during this period.  

The boxes arrived today, Yippee! The 20” one is just what I wanted - Thank you, a beautiful job. (June 2016)

Thank you, Jim....they are beautiful! (May 2016)

Thank you. I can't wait to get started.  Rose, how kind you always are . . .  We get so excited.  The sharks eyes are a special treat! (May 2016)

Looks wonderful and I love the idea of the center hole!  (May 2016)

Boxes are great and many thanks!!  (May 2016)

Yes, art glass on both.   8” mahogany and 2 part on the 10”.   You are the best!!  (April 2016)

We want the best! ;)     (April 2016)

I just picked up the package and the Valentine box is just perfect,thank you so very much for making it and sending it for me,I do appreciate it.  (April 2016)

smaller boxes arrived and are beautiful! Love the book too. Many thanks . . . (April 2016)

Wow I am thrilled and excited!  Can't wait to see the tea caddy!  (April 2016)

Received the shells and cases today, thank you!!! (March 2016)

I got my package today and everything is perfect.  You did a good job on the box and the wood is beautiful.  Thank you to Rose for the wonderful shells.  I have already read through half of the book.  The Sailors Valentines in the book are amazing!  (March 2016)

The box you made for me arrived safely and it is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you very much.  (March 2016)

Just wanted you to know that the shells I ordered came, and they are wonderful.  Thank you so much. (March 2016)

Your pendants are beautiful!  I'd like to add some to the order . . . (March 2016; see our new Etsy store for shell pendants and other items you won't find on this website)

Thank you so much for all your dedication in collecting and cleaning my coquina.  Without your help, most of my designs would never come to fruition. (March 2016)

The barnwood box turned out incredible! I love it and look forward to creating a design for it. Thanks so much! (March 2016)

I picked up the boxes today .  They are lovely , both of them !  I showed them to the girls and they think so too .  Already getting inspired.  (March 2016)

FYI, my friends delivered my wonderful shells . . . (March 2016)

I am  ready to start another Valentine and would like to purchase another lovely box from you. (February 2016)

Thank your kits! (February 2016)

Just received the SV case...arrived in perfect condition! I love it!!! Thank you Jim. Will stay in touch! (February 2016)

. . . the box arrived last week (before the blizzard) and it is simply beautiful. I love the tiger maple.  Jim, you really do amazing work.  (January 2016)

I am so thrilled with the tabletop and the Salt & Pepper boxes. Thanks so much! (January 2016)

Everything looks great.  Excited to begin my project!!  (January 2016)

The beautiful box arrived safely.  Thanks so much.  (January 2016)

I love the boxes , they are just great .  Thanks!  (January 2016)

. . . all arrived safely & that SPECIAL BOX IS THE MOST Gorgeous EXAMPLE OF YOUR WORK I've seen yet!! (November 2015)

. . .very beautiful. Thank you for your care.  (November 2015)

"Amour" SV Kit from Rose . . . You did a magnificent work.  Thank you also to Jim for the elegant frame.
50 hours something gluing & finished October 29th, 2015.  Thanks Rose for the experience.  (October 2015)

Box is beautiful! Cannot thank you enough.  You made my day.  (October 2015)

Just unwrapped the boxes. They are gorgeous! Thank you so much.  (October 2015)

Box has arrived safely. I LOVE it! (September 2015)

Just received your package. The SV case is beautiful!!! Love the wood grain....It's going to make a very interesting piece!  It arrived in perfect condition! (September 2015)

Just a note to say we received the frame Thursday. . . wanted to tell you what a great job you did making it.  (September 2015)

Hi Jim, the tables are absolutely gorgeous !!!! They arrived totally in tact, thanks to your incredible packing!!! (September 2015)

Boxes and shells arrived yesterday, all in perfect condition. They are lovely. You do great work. (July 2015)

Got it and the shells are gorgeous. Thanks so much. (June 2015)

You two are amazing ! You rock ! The boxes arrived safely and in plenty of time to pack them into  up the car for the trip to Nantucket !  Thank you again. It is always a pleasure to do business with both of you!  (June 2015)

I just opened the box.   It is just great! (June 2015)

Jim - the box arrived today and is PERFECT!! glass and template fit beautifully...I'll defintely be back to you in the future, and really appreciate your expertise and wonderful workmanship.  (March 2015)

Just a quick note to let you know that the SV. boxes arrived today, and I really am amazed at the difference in quality from what I have been using. They are beautiful. (February 2014)

Thank you so much for all the work on the ebony with abalone box and for patience with me and my wild ideas.   It is so beautiful!!  I hope my work will do it justice. (November 2013)

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