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Note: “Premium Quality” shells are sorted to remove broken and damaged shells.   

New and Restocked Items

(We ship seashells and sealife to USA destinations only)
December 27, 2020: added New 10" Sailors Valentine Kit

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"Mandalay" (10")
December 27, 2020: added eight more "Ready to Ship" Sailors Valentine Boxes:
Two 12"+ Front/Back Loading Honduras Mahogany Boxes; One 10"+ Front/back Loading Peruvian Walnut Box with Raised Panel Sides; One 8" Front/Back Loading Bloodwood Box with raised panel sides; One 10" Front/Back Loading Tiger Maple Box with Blue accents; One 10" Front/Back Loading Peruvian Walnut Box; One 11" front loading tiger maple box with blue accents; and, one 10" front/back loading tiger maple box with dark brown stain.

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December 19, 2020: added nine more "Ready to Ship" Sailors Valentine Boxes:
One 12" Front/Back Loading Lacewood Box with Accents; One 13"+ Front Loading Ebony Box with accents;
and, seven 10" Front/Back Loading Boxes.

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