Shell artists

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On our old website, originally published in 2008, we displayed shell art created by a number of contemporary artists, as well as some vintage and antique shell art.  We are now limited on the pages we can have with our new website; therefore, for those artists who appeared on our old website but also have their own websites, we are providing links below.  


Florida shell artist, Christa Wilm,  offers shell encrusted home decor (we love the chandeliers!), architectural pieces, jewelry; shell masks and more on her website Christa's South Seashells

California shell artist, Karine Almir,  offers her Sailors Valentines and Shell Mosaics at her website Treasures of the Deep: Shell Art by Karine

Canadian shell artist, Judy Dinnick, offers her Sailors Valentines, miniature shell tables and shell decorated eggs at her website,  Sailors’ Valentine Art by Judy Dinnick

Connecticut shell artist, Susan Lloyd, offers her shell decorated boxes, mirrors, bird houses and paperweights at her website,  Shell Art – Susan Lloyd

Florida basket weaver and shell artist, Brandy Llewellyn, offers her Nantucket Baskets and Sailors Valentines at her website,  Basket Studio

Florida shell artist, Pamela Boynton, offers her Sailors Valentines at her website,  “Sailors’ Valentines – Gifts From the Sea

Texas shell artist, Clara Cavallaro, offers her jeweled shells and shell decor at her Etsy shop, Shelldecor

Texas shell artist, Peggy Green, offers her shell decorated boxes, mirrors and more at her website, Peggy Green – Shell Artist

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